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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Learn French Online: Attention: There Are Different Rules In This Consonant pronunciation!

Il, ill, ail, aille, eil, eille, euil, euille, ouille, oeil, ueil (like y in yet)

The 1st Rule is where the L is pronounced like the Y in Yet!

Ex.: fille - travail - famille - oreille - soleil - volaille - appareil - bille - rail - ail - feuille - ├ęcureuil- grenouille - papillon - oeil - orgueil - billet - rouille - fauteuil

The 2nd Rule is where the double L is pronounced like the ll in Bill!

mille - million - ville - village - villa

The 3d Rule is where the Singular L at the end of this following words is Silent!

sourcils - gril - fusil


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