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Monday, November 06, 2006

Learn French Online: Tools, Tips and Techniques #4

In How to Learn to Speak French Online we are going to show you some rules of pronunciation!

The sound of the Simple Vowels.

1. a:
Like the a in Rather, Father.
ex.: Ma, ta, sa, la, papa, dada.

2. e: Like the e in her.
ex.: Le, me, te, se, de, ne, que.

3. i: Like the ee in feet.
ex.: Mi, midi, fini, ri, canari, mari.

4. o: Like the o in pot.
ex.: Dos, pot, sot, mot, poste, domino, poli.

5. u: No exact English equivalent.
ex.: Nu, rue, lu, su, pu, vu, mur, sur, puni.

6. y: Also like the ee in feet.
ex.: Dynamo, cygne, stylo, piyama, bicyclette.

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