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Monday, November 27, 2006

Learn Basic French Online: The 3rd General Rule Of The French Pronunciation.

The end (ent) of the 3rd person in Plural isn`t pronounced!

Ex.: ils mangent - ils boivent - ils parlent - ils finissent


Learn French Online: The 2nd General Rule Of The French Pronunciation.

The E is never pronounced at the end of the word!

Ex.: date - lame - lune - porte - il parle - il porte

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Learn French Online: The 1st General Rule Of The French Pronunciation.

Generally we don't pronounce the consonant at the end of the word.

Ex.: buffet – carnet – tricot – rat – rond – bavard – bois – paradis

Attention! There are two Rules where rare cases appear.

The 1st Rule is where the consonant at the end of the word is pronounced like c – l – r – f – s!

Ex.: chic - lac - bec - sac - fer - tennis - canal

The 2nd Rule is where we pronounce the consonant in Singular but we don`t pronounce it in Plural!

Ex.: un os ... des os - un boeuf ... des boeufs - un oeuf ... des oeufs


Learn Basic French Online. We`re Here To Guide You!

On "How to Learn to Speak French Online" we're going to explain you some general Rules of Pronunciation to make it possible for Me and You to Master it with Excellence!

One of the most important things in the achievement to master the French language with confidence is to pronounce it with the effective French Pronunciation Rules.

In the following chapters we're going to show you Step by Step which sounds are Pronounced and those who are Silent. In some other cases you will discover that there are between two words a connexion in the pronunciation.

Since years the French language is worldly known as the Language of Romance and Love. Don't you want to be able to explore that kind of feeling?

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