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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Learn French Online: Tools, Tips and Techniques #5

The sounds: e, é, è.

1. e: Like the e in her.
ex.: Le, me, te, se, de, ne, que.

2. é: Like the a in mate.
ex.: Blé, clé, café, thé, cinéma, bébé.

3. è: Like the e in set.
ex.: Père, mère, frère, règle, crème, lèvre.

4. er: At the end of the word: é.
ex.: Parler, donner, manger, fermer, aller.

5. et:
At the end of the word: é.
ex.: Robinet, carnet, buffet, paquet.

6. ez: At the end of the word: é.
ex.: Nez, parlez, donnez, managez, allez.

7. es: : Sounds like the é.
ex.: Mes, tes, ses, les, des, tu es.

8. ier:
At the end of the word: .
ex: Premier, dernier, cahier, soulier, pommier, dattier, bananier.

9. ai: Sounds like the é.
ex.: Fraiche, laide, Francais, Anglais, épais, j`ai, je vais.

10. ai: Sounds like the è.
ex.: Fraiche, laide, Francaise, Anglaise.

11. ei: Sounds like the è.
ex.: Peine, seine, reine, veine, baleine.

12. e + 2 consonants = è.
ex.: Cette, fermer, étiquette, geste, perle.

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