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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Learn French Online: Tools, Tips and Techniques #2

Once You know how to greet a person You need to Learn how to present Itself.

Bernadette enters the bus and meets François.

François: Salut! Tu t`appelles comment? (Hi! What`s your name?)

Bernadette: Je m`appelle Bernadette. Et toi? (My name is Bernadette. And you?)

François: Je m`appelle François. (My name is François.)

Bernadette: Ou vas tu? (Where are you going?)

François: Je vais à l`école Maurice Carème. Et toi? (I go to my school Maurice Carème. And you?)

Bernadette: J`ai un rendez-vous avec ma mère a la ferme de mon grand-père. ( I have an appointement with my mother at the farm of my grand-father)

François: Passes une bonne journée et à bientôt! (Have a nice day and see you soon!)

Bernadette: Toi aussi! Merçi beaucoup. (You too! Thanks a lot.)

You`ve just learned how to present itself by telling a person to which place you go.

In the next posts we are going to learn how to go shopping and much more!

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Learn French Online: Tools, Tips and Techniques #1

To Learn French Online You need to start with the Foundations of the French Language to Build a vast Knowledge.

Such as: Greetings.

Monsieur Dupont meets Madame La Baronne.

Monsieur Dupont:             Bonjour Madame! (Hello Madam!)
Madame La Baronne:       Bonjour, Monsieur Dupont! (Hello, Mister Dupont!)
Monsieur Dupont:             Comment allez vous? (How are you?)
Madame La Baronne:       Très bien, merci. Et vous? (Fine, Thanks. And you ?)
Monsieur Dupont:             Je vais bien, merci. (I`m well, Thanks.)

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